We design and manufacture of machines for the industry, offering quality, excellent service, on time delivery and ability to respond to special needs and projects.

Our History

Proveeindustria, S.A. de C.V. began operations in 1992 as a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of special industrial equipment.

Constructing conventional conveyors begin preparing automotive electrical harnesses, these conveyors operate on wheels on the floor or platform sheet, which causes technical problems as much maintenance, the conveyors of this type are easily damaged and in turn damage the floor, result in accidents to operating personnel.

To solve these problems, Proveeindustria was given the task of developing and patenting its own conveyor, conveyor or rotary, JLLM2 model, working on guides. This conveyor has a very low maintenance cycle, only needs oil to lubricate the gearbox and the chain oiled (according to the environment of the building). No damage to the floor, their wheels wear is minimal and, therefore, no production stoppages.


• Produce and placing on the market our products and services
• Be reliable, competitive and perform well
• To be recognized by our level of work when needed quick delivery


"We will be an outstanding company with our staff we are dedicated to excellence and quality to satisfy our customers."